Based out of Tacoma, Washington, Kurt Lindsay has been playing all venues imaginable in the great northwest.  Equipped with just an electric guitar and his voice, he captivates audiences with rich lyrics and heartfelt melodies.  His influences are widespread; ranging from Damien Rice to Van Morrison, from Jeff Buckley to Ottis Redding. 

After his band, BODYBOX, stopped playing in 2013, Kurt knew that it was time to take his solo career to the next level.  He began booking shows all over the place, often driving over four hours in a single day.

Kurt continues to grow his fan base, and rumor has it that some projects may be set for the not too distant future.  In the meantime, check out his album which is for sale on this website and watch some of his videos to get a better idea of what his music is all about.  Most importantly, make sure to catch him in his element at a live show.

Kurt recording at Robert Lang Studios